Best Budgeting Apps?

The word “budget” can invoke emotions for some people. It’s an unsexy dirty word that gets ignored often. Yet, it is one of the key components in creating financial freedom. Wait, budget and freedom? Oxymoron? You bet!

If it is so essential, how can we make the process easier? While I don’t have a perfect solution yet, I have been studying some of the budgeting apps out and here is a summary of what I have learned so far.

First, here are the parameters I used, to give you some context. Apps like Mint and Personal Capital require that you link your banking and investment accounts to their sites. I personally really resist that. We are losing more and more of our privacy, and this feels like the last frontier where I really don’t want to divulge everything. So, for this round of reviews, I’m only looking at apps that are not linked to your banking accounts. The implication is that whatever you see in the app may or may not reflect 100% of what your bank balances.

price: free for 1 user with limited features; for multiple users: $4.99/mo or $34.95/yr
Overall, the UI in this app is graphical and easy to navigate. It comes with many editable expense categories which is very convenient. You can enter income on specific dates

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