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Year-End Money Mindfulness

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, Christmas and New Year on the horizon, we are inevitably spending more and more mindshare on the upcoming holidays. As my way of saying Thank You, I would like to put in a few reminders so that you can finish out the year with a greater sense of peace of mind,…

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Best Budgeting Apps?

The word “budget” can invoke emotions for some people. It’s an unsexy dirty word that gets ignored often. Yet, it is one of the key components in creating financial freedom. Wait, budget and freedom? Oxymoron? You bet! If it is so essential, how can we make the process easier? While I don’t have a perfect…

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How Much Longer Can You Afford to Wait?

There is a common theme in what I’m hearing from many of my clients, that they have been working hard for the last 20 years, yet they now feel that they don’t have much to show for financially, and now that retirement is looming on the horizon, that sense of time is running out is…

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Why Money Abundance is a Myth?

I’m a fan of law of attraction! I read the book Secret and watched the movie when it was first released. I even bought extra copies of the book and the DVDs to give to friends and clients. Our thoughts drive actions, and our actions lead to results, so yes, I absolutely believe that we…

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My Husband Just Hit Me On the Head!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I would like to first clarify that my husband did NOT hit me physically, but figuratively! Here’s what happened: A week ago, we went shopping for bed sheets for our son. As we were walking through the showrooms in Macy’s, I saw some really nice beddings that I started…

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The One Page Financial Plan

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing

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