Financial Workshops


Women by nature work well in a collective setting, supporting one another. Yulin fosters this supportive spirit through workshops, seminars and retreats, in-person and online.

These financial workshops and events are designed to provide financial education on various money-related topics. This is a great way to help you acquire financial knowledge, while providing an environment in which you can learn alongside other women. These group sessions always end up being more than just a classroom. They become a source for inspiration and affirmations where women feel being heard and supported.

You don’t have to be alone on your journey to financial freedom.

To see the upcoming workshops and events:

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Unleash Your Abundance & Vitality

How to Best Live Out the Rest of Your Life? If you have been asking yourself this question, then make a decision today – Make 2023 the year to transform…
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MoneySavvy for Teens & Young Adults

Learning about money and finance is crucial to living an empowered & fulfilling life. Unfortunately, most kids don’t get financial education from schools. This is the reason why this class…
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Increase Your Money, Decrease Your Stress

“87% of Americans said that inflation and the rising costs of everyday goods is what’s driving their stress,” according to the American Psychological Association. Are you stressed about earning or…
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Unleashed: Choose your Wealth, Choose your Beauty Retreat

June 26, 2022 11 - 6pm Location: Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

Through a series of questions, Yulin helped me tap into different ways of thinking about problem solving, which led to calm, clear and strong insights. I could not have reached the level of discernment I did without her steady guidance, nor her warm and welcoming presence. I felt completely heard, and thus was able to make new breakthroughs in my own thinking. She will lead you to real, actionable change that is entirely self-directed.

Angie Wu