How Much Is Enough?

Discover what really matters in life so you can align your work with your core values and lifestyle goals.

Ask the Right Question

Do you know you can rid your constant money worries by answering a key question: How Much Is Enough?

Do you ever wonder why you are not at where you would like to be financially even though you have been working hard?

Here’s the secret … as Zig Ziglar said:

You can’t hit a target you can not see, and you can not see a target you do not have.


Let me explain:

Most people think “I just need to work harder to make more money so I can have the dream life I desire.” What they don’t realize is that there are three components in the financial success formula:

Income - Expenses = Savings

All three components need to work synchronously well together in order to achieve sustainable financial abundance. Focusing on income alone is not enough. The kind of retirement you will have depends on the amount of your savings and/or your ability to generate PASSIVE income.

So, how much savings and passive income will you need to live the lifestyle you desire and deserve?

Without a clear examination, many people are living their lives by default, “I will work until I can’t work anymore. I may or may not have enough by then, but I will deal with it at that time.”

Is that you?

The cost of this approach is that it creates stress, a persistent sense of not having enough money and not knowing what the future holds when you are older and more vulnerable. Along with that, there could be feelings of lack of control and the disappointment of not reaching your full potential.

Many of my clients agonize over a very simple question:

How can I feel better about my finances, now and for the future? I want more financial abundance but sometimes I don’t feel I deserve it.

They feel stuck and helpless. They know they NEED to take action now because time is slipping away fast, but they don’t know where to start. They are afraid that if they don’t change the way they approach their money and finances, they will continue to get the same results in 20 years, and it is not a happy place.

It took me some time to realize that I too was in a rat race with no end in sight. I was so focused on making more money that I lost sight of leveraging and building on what I already have. I had business income goals, but they weren’t connected back to my life goals.

I was feeling tired and burned out yet I felt that I had to keep going. The moment I saw what was happening, that I was working hard but aiming at nothing, my life trajectory changed. What followed was me taking the time to dig deep and asked myself the question: “how much is enough, for me?”

Once I found my number, I was able to start working towards my desired lifestyle that is also aligned with my core values.

Answering the key question of How Much Is Enough is the missing link to help you get out of the rat race.

To help women like you, who are ready and committed to take control back, I have created the How Much Is Enough Coaching Program.

Here is what you are going to get in this one-month long coaching program:

Week 1

A 30-min coaching session to explore your passion and your vision for a desired lifestyle. A happy life is a well-balanced life. You will receive a guidebook that guides you through the process. This step will give you your first layer of clarity and foundation.

Week 2

A 60-min coaching session to help you translate your desires into real life scenarios. This is the beginning of a shift from dreaming to making dreams real.

Week 3

A 60-min coaching session to dive deeper into mid-term and long-term goals. This step helps you prioritize and be strategic in your chosen actions.

Week 4

A 30-min coaching session to tie everything together into an actionable 12-months plan. This is the last step of your exploration, and the first step of your actions.


At the end of this coaching program, you will feel rejuvenated and have a clear direction of what you are working towards. By having answered the key question, you will have found the bridge that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be.

A Question For You Right Now:

Are you ready to let go of the same-old same-old and get a taste of a joyful life infused with a sense of peace and ease?

Say YES to yourself & sign up to get your questions answered.

Where to begin…Yulin is a lifesaver! She makes putting your financial life in order accessible, slaying all the monsters in your head one by one, surely, and with compassion. Practical, no-nonsense, and full of heart and conviction, Yulin walks her talk and shows you that you can too. She provides tools and follows up, as well as games to make learning fun. I can not say enough. If you think you need help, you do. Ask and you shall receive. You are worth it!

Michelle Pozon, Paris