I Hope You Dance….

October, it is the last quarter of 2019. As we dance our way into another year, what would you like more of in 2020?

How about a little more of self-love?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating moving up the selfishness scale. Instead, I’m talking about adding a pinch more of self compassion as you set your new financial goals and make your new financial plans.

A typical planning process starts with examining the current year. We feel great when we have accomplished everything we had set out to do, but when we end up with a list of handful things that won’t make the check-off list, the self-loathing negative talk kicks in. (Why do you think I’m writing this topic this week? You guessed it! I’ve been having lots of “I should’ve done this … ” chatters lately.)

The good thing is I caught myself doing it before I spiral too far down the rabbit hole. A little bit of self-love can go a long way right here right now. I don’t mean finding excuses for why things didn’t happen as planned, but rather, asking a different question that is less blaming and more empowering. For example, rather than thinking “I’m such a loser”, or “I’m really terrible at this…”, how about asking “what do I need to do next year to set myself up for success?” Or, “how can I make the process easier for me to get it done?”

So, what are your financial aspirations? Higher income? Less expenses? More investments? Or the ability to make bigger contributions to the causes you care about?

Now with that extra pinch of self-love, setting new financial goals for the new year can be reinvigorating if you remember to include steps that answer the following two questions:

  1. what will it take for me to be successful?
  2. what support system do I need to put in place to make it easier?

This doesn’t have to be a lonely process. If you need accountability for getting the goal setting done before the end of the year, drop me a line and let’s partner up!

Let 2020 be the year to stop the indecision, to be all that you want to be, and to do all that you’ve been yearning to do!

In that spirit, I would like to part with you this beautiful verse from one of my favorite songs by Lee Ann Womack:

……when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance…..

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Yulin Lee

Yulin Lee

Yulin is a Money, Wealth & Financial Coach who helps women reduce stress and live a happier & easier life by having their finances under control. It’s her own journey to financial freedom that fuels her passion to bring more women onto the path of living a purposeful life without the money constraint.

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