Why do the things today when you can wait til tomorrow?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I was a good kid! My mom used to brag about the fact that she never needed to harass me about “do your homework first before going out to play”. Somehow, I just knew the “right thing” to do.

Somewhere along the way as I grew up, I lost it! I became a procrastinator, a pretty good one too if you ask me. I always deliver, never mind the unnecessary stress that came as part of the package. There would be plenty of self-patting on the back, confirming to myself “see, I knew I can get it done. I work better under pressure.” Yes, the adrenaline is still running high.

Inevitably, a few days later, I would look back and say to myself: “I could’ve done an even better job if I gave myself more time”. All shades of “could’ve & should’ve” start to run through my head like a never-ending movie. I then unconsciously fall into a self-loathing pit which eventually leads me to the “I’m not good enough” story about myself. Wow, that awareness was huge!

So, I’m embarking on an in-depth study of procrastination. Why do we do it? What do we gain or lose from it? One of the positive discoveries I’ve made (at least from my selfish perspective) is that there are so many other procrastinators out there! I’m NOT alone!

Suddenly, I feel a strange closeness to my coaching clients, in particular, those who experience strong resistance to taking a proactive role in managing their personal finances. The cause for the resistance may differ, but the physical manifestation of procrastinating on what needs to be done is the same.

Now, what would the world be like if there were no procrastinators? Would the overall productivity for the human race be higher or lower? Would there be more self-confident people? More self-love? Lower divorce rate? I don’t know the answers, but my imagination is running wild.

If my story rings true to you, please turn yourself in and shoot me an email. Let’s band together and change the world! I’m feeling the calling to start a Procrastinator Club. What for? How about:Bookcover JohnPerry - Project M: Mind & Money 1) a place for us procrastinators to gloat about our accomplishments without adding fuel to the frustrations of those who may have been affected by our procrastination in the process, especially if they happen to be our spouses; 2) a place where we procrastinators can commiserate over our sense of helplessness at times when we really do have every intention to not wait until the last minute but somehow other things just keep popping up; 3) a place where we can keep each other accountable if/when we are ready for that “no more procrastination” moment. How’s that for a starter? Are you in?

A quick tip for my fellow procrastinators: I have just finished reading this book, and thorough enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. You will gain a new sense of appreciation for your procrastination. You might just like yourself a little more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Yulin Lee

Yulin Lee

Yulin is a Money, Wealth & Financial Coach who helps women reduce stress and live a happier & easier life by having their finances under control. It’s her own journey to financial freedom that fuels her passion to bring more women onto the path of living a purposeful life without the money constraint.

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