Why Money Abundance is a Myth?

I’m a fan of law of attraction! I read the book Secret and watched the movie when it was first released. I even bought extra copies of the book and the DVDs to give to friends and clients. Our thoughts drive actions, and our actions lead to results, so yes, I absolutely believe that we are the creator of our lives in all its circumstances, good and bad.

However, I have noticed a prevalent misconception, largely created by mass marketing – the idea that if you learn how to attract money into your life, it will solve all your money problems and worries. I beg to differ with this notion that as long as you working on having an abundant money mindset, you will achieve financial freedom. The KEY difference here is that having a money abundance mindset is the pre-requisite to achieving financial freedom, not the solution.

Take the lottery winners for example, statistically over 70% will lose it all within 5 years. Why? Because most lottery winners are people who haven’t had much money before the winning, and they are unable to handle money in that enormity both on the psychological/emotional level and a technical level in terms of how to best allocate and invest their wealth.

Another good example is small business entrepreneurs, who work very hard to generate income. However, despite their best efforts, they often find themselves in the cycle of living in survival mode. This is because for many, their main focus is on the revenue, rather than bottom line profitability. It requires constant reviews and financial analysis of expenses and their effectiveness.


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