Be Inspired by women just like you!

Grab a copy of my latest book to learn how you can achieve financial success too!


Be Inspired by women just like you!

Grab a copy of my latest book to learn how you can achieve financial success too!

Your Money & Your Life

Money is not one part of your life. Money is integrated into all parts of your life. When the “house of money” is being neglected, the other parts of your life rarely reach their full potential.

Money is not everything. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Rather, money is one of the key components of living a well-balanced life, along with health and loving relationships.

In the modern society, there is a misconception that being money-minded equals being greedy. I challenge that notion. I believe that being money-minded is crucial to being fiscally responsible.



The flexibility you will have if you want to change jobs or careers, knowing that you’ve got money set aside to cover your living expenses for at least the next 12 months.

A feeling of satisfaction in watching your business flourish, knowing that it’s the fruit of your methodical planning, consistent execution, and vigilant tracking of your business finances.

A sense of security when life throws you a curveball with unexpected events, but you know that you will be able to support yourself financially.

The freedom of being able to stop working for money because you have learned to have money work for you.

You deserve the peace of mind you'll feel when your financial house is in order. 

To learn how you can have it all:

Serving Women in Different Life Stages


Independent Woman

You are looking for ways to have long term sustainable financial security. You need guidance and structure to keep you on track. You are ready to commit and work towards financial freedom TODAY.

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Entrepreneurial Woman

Being a business owner is not easy. You are talented at what you do, but managing your business finance is stressful and challenging for you. Or maybe you have already achieved a certain level of success in your business, but that hasn’t given you the financial security you desire for your retirement. You need help in creating strategies and structures to align your business success with your personal dreams and goals.

Is this you?


Divorced Woman

You are going through a divorce or have just come out of a divorce. Money and finances may feel foreign to you but you are on your own now. You are looking for support to help you get back on your own feet for a brighter future.

Is this you?

You Are the CFO of Your Life

Only you can protect your interest. Be the CFO of your life by taking charge starting today. Being the CFO means you can delegate tasks to others while maintaining active involvement in decision making. Your financial success can be achieved by a team with you at the helm. You don’t have to do it alone, but you also can’t be absent.

As my financial coach, Yulin broke things down into manageable pieces, taking away the overwhelm. She provided structures that took out a lot of the guesswork. She helped me rewrite my money stories by sourcing answers from within. It was beautiful to see the way she brought out the wisdom within me so that I could hear myself giving myself great advice.

Maria Fendrick, California

Are You a Peacock or a Crane?

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