I Am On a Mission!

I am on a mission to create a new movement to Break the Taboo around money.

I am on a mission to Break the Silence so women can feel unapologetic about discussing money-related matters.

I am on a mission to Empower Women so they are in the driver’s seat of managing personal finances.

I am on a mission to Educate Children so they will grow up with positive mind sets and healthy money habits.

I Have a Vision!

I have a vision of building a community where women feel safe to ask any money-related questions without feeling embarrassed.

I have a vision that within this community of supportive women, there would be no judgment, no shaming, just earnest exchange of knowledge and experiences.

I have a vision that from this community, there would be higher levels of financial literacy for all.

I have a vision that with the support of this community, women will be empowered to build successful businesses and lead more fulfilling lives.

I Am Fired Up!

I am fired up to take you on this journey.

I am fired up to turn your hopes and visions into reality.

I want to build more than a coaching business. I have a dream to raise a new generation of children who will grow up to be financially savvy and fiscally responsible adults.

Together, let’s create conducive relationships between our Mind & Money.

Will You Join Me in this Project?


Yulin's Story

I was born in communist China. Life was simple and minimal. When we moved to the US, I watched how my parents started a new life in a foreign country with nothing. With loving and supportive parents and siblings, I grew up never feeling “poor”, even though I did not own one doll as a child.

Early Adulthood

I supported myself through part-time jobs while attending college, studying Computer Science. I received my very first credit card (Macy’s), and learned my first lesson in the American credit system upon receiving my first statement. I noticed there was a “Minimum Payment” option. I thought: “hey, why not if I can delay paying it back.” I sent the check with the minimum payment, and thought I was being smart. A month later, I discovered that my balance just grew with added interest. “So, THAT’S how it works!” It was the last time I ever made a “minimum payment”.

First Investment

Like a good Chinese girl who follows the “life formula” to the T, I bought my first house two years after graduating from college.

First Big Mistake

After getting married, my husband and I decided to move to a different city and bought a house together. Shortly after, we sold the two houses we each owned before. Why? Because we were too lazy to “manage them”. Those two properties would be completely paid off now, and a great source of passive income, not to mention the triple increase in value. Moral of the story? We lacked Financial Literacy despite the fact we both had a master’s degree.

Breaking out of the Box

After spending twelve years in hi-tech, I decided to follow my passion for real estate and changed careers. This was a turning point for me, ushering me in the quest to change from being an income earner to a wealth builder.

New Path. New Vision.

For ten years, I learned to build our own portfolio as well as helping others in real estate financing, and eventually expanded into wealth management. During that period, a new vision emerged: Helping women become financially savvy and independent! Nothing against the men, but I see a huge gap in how men and women handle finances. In many instances, women’s attitude toward managing finances isn’t always self-empowering.

I gave up my vain and useless plan for a bigger apartment (I’m single, lol) and used some of my savings to buy and redo a flat that I now rent to a lovely lady. Today I’m in the midst of buying another tiny one. So now my future finances are depending less on my work and my money has started to really work for me.

I need to be pointed and nudged in the right direction and that’s what Yulin did. I can’t recommend enough you either work one-to-one with her or attend her workshops.


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